New Edition
The World is My Home
The 14th International Exile Film Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden 8-14 November 2019

Blue Beard Today‘s Tale

Blue Beard Today's Tale

  Monday 20 November, at. 13.00, Blå Stället
Monday 20 November, at. 19.00, Ungdomens hus 1200 kvadrat
Wednesday 22 November, at. 18.30, Hagabion sal 2
Nr:  19
Length  17 min ( 0 h 17 min )
Country  Canada
Lang  English, English text
Director  Khadija Baker


Poetic film combines: 1) A deep reflection of a French literary folktale, The Bluebeard, about a powerful man who kills the curious women who want to do the forbidden. I use its characters and events to reflect on the dictators behaviours towards the nation when they are rejected. 2) Poetic performance centered on a story of a mother and her child who were found alive under a destroyed building. The female in The Bluebeard story is a symbol for the nation. When the revolution took place, during the Arab uprising, it started with peaceful protesters; the respond was extremely violent from the regime part and people were killed on street, or after being arrested.