Blue Beard Today‘s Tale

Blue Beard Today's Tale


Poetic film combines: 1) A deep reflection of a French literary folktale, The Bluebeard, about a powerful man who kills the curious women who want to do the forbidden. I use its characters and events to reflect on the dictators behaviours towards the nation when they are rejected. 2) Poetic performance centered on a story of a mother and her child who were found alive under a destroyed building. The female in The Bluebeard story is a symbol for the nation. When the revolution took place, during the Arab uprising, it started with peaceful protesters; the respond was extremely violent from the regime part and people were killed on street, or after being arrested.

Show:  Monday 20 November, at. 13.00, Blå Stället
Monday 20 November, at. 19.00, Ungdomens hus 1200 kvadrat
Wednesday 22 November, at. 18.30, Hagabion sal 2

Director:  Khadija Baker
Runtime: 17 min
Country:  Canada
Language:  English, English text
Release Date:  2023