New Edition
The World is My Home
The 14th International Exile Film Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden 8-14 November 2019

Citizens of Nothingness

Citizens of nothingness

  Sunday 19 November, at. 13.30, Hagabion hall 1
Nr:  9
Length  52 min ( 0 h 52 min )
Genres  Fiction
Country  Italy
Director  Razi Mohebi


An Afghan political refuge has just arrived in Italy and look for hospitality and protection but she find herself collide with a daily reality that marginalizes and makes her feel out of place. The alienating condition is reflected by choosing non-sites as locations of the film. Documents and passports have ambivalent value, they are just pass-through to freedom and control tools. The refugee status slips to the apathy of a nobody's land.