Fatal shootings, black Americans in the police firing line

Fatal shootings, black americans in the police firing line


The Swiss-French and mixed-race basketball player Thabo Sefolosha, a star of the NBA in the United States, was bullied by the New York police and – an exceptional occurrence – obtained redress. Switzerland was given the opportunity to feel the wind of racial hatred blowing through the country after centuries of discrimination, which was believed to be a story of the past. For example in Dallas on 7 July 2016, a black army reservist shot five representatives of the police force on the fringes of an anti-police demonstration in an attempt to revenge the death of all his Afro-American brothers who fell victim to police aggression. America was in shock. A huge challenge for the next President.

Show:  Sunday 19 November, at. 21.00, Viktoriahuset - Viktoriasa

Director:  Steven Artels
Genres: Documentary
Runtime: 53 min
Country:  Switzerland
Language:  English, French, English text
Release Date:  2023