French suburb, A No-Go Zone?

French suburb, a no-go zone?


Last October, an unspeakably brutal aggression threw France into turmoil: some fifteen youngsters attacked two police cars with Molotov cocktails in the Grande Borne housing estate south of Paris. This incident is part of a series of violent aggressions that have punctuated the history of French suburbs for more than 30 years: riots, vendettas and police blunders. When the French presidential campaign was in full swing, some candidates qualified these suburbs as no-go zones". Report at the heart of this sensitive urban area.

Show:  Sunday 19 November, at. 18.30, Viktoriahuset - Viktoriasal

Director:  Alexandre Stern
Genres: Documentary
Runtime: 52 min
Country:  Switzerland
Language:  French, English text
Release Date:  2023