New Edition
The World is My Home
The 14th International Exile Film Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden 8-14 November 2019

Lost Paradise

Lost paradise

  Sunday 19 November, at. 13.30 Hagabion hall 1
Nr:  7
Length  18 min ( 0 h 18 min )
Genres  Documentary
Country  Switzerland
Director  Mortaza Shahed


In Switzerland, Mortaza Shahed met a refugee who, like him, comes from Afghanistan and belongs to the Hazara ethnic group. They have been persecuted and discriminated for decades in their homeland: “A lot of us fled to Iran in search for a life without violence and discrimination. But there what we met is discrimination again... only second-class citizens after decades. The last hope is Europe. So thousand came here to find justice. Here I spoke to an afghan refugee and heard his story.”