to 15th International Exile Film Festival

                          12-18 November 2021

During the Exile Film Festival’s thirty-year existence, HOPE has always been the ultimate driving force for our cinematic platform. Even now, during these apocalyptic times of the Corona epidemic, believing in hope and the eternal power of human vitality, we continue to carry out the new edition of our festival with the central motto: “Still Hope”

The Exile Film Festival is a collective free forum to, through the art of film, support solidarity, justice, freedom, democracy and human rights across all borders.

We invite all filmmakers and producers to participate with their films that fit into one of the festival’s programs

Films by non-exile filmmakers are welcome to participate in the festival’s special programs and side programs, in accordance with the focused themes of the various programs.

For more information, please check the festival’s web, program, regulations and Entry Form.