Etienne Comar

Étienne Comar (born 25 January 1965) is a French film producer, screenwriter and film director. After finishing his studies at the La Fémis Film School in Paris, Comar worked as a production manager at Erato Films From 2009 onwards, he began writing for many of the films he had produced. He is known for producing the films Of Gods and Men (2010) and Timbuktu (2014), for which he won the César Award for Best Film as producer in 2011 and 2015. In 2017, his directorial debut DJANGO – A LIFE FOR MUSIC was selected to open the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

Farid Zarrinbal

He was born in Teheran, Iran, but later fled the country due to the Iran-Irak war (1985) and ended up in Germany before seeking asylum in Sweden the same year. He then began a journey in 1994 that brought him to L.A. where he attended classes in Van Mar Academy Acting classes 1996. His passion for story telling got him an entry to the New York Film Academy in the year 2000 and was graduated as a film director. As a writer, director, lead role and producer of “Sanctuary”, this is his heaviest attendance, involvement and most contemporary film yet.

Alex Afshar

Alex Afshar is an independent movie director, living in Gothenburg, Sweden. He started his movie career in 2005. Since then he has directed ten short films and two music videos, and has been involved in many other movie projects as lighting supervisor, cameraman and editor. Alex has made movies in different genres and styles. He has made poetic drama, comedy, thriller, mystery and criminal short films. Nonetheless, his main focus is in poetic and feelgood movies.

Ertugrul Mavioglu

Ertuğrul Mavioğlu was 19 years old at the time of the September 12th, 1980 military coup. He spent 8 years in jail for political reasons between 1980 – 1991. During his periods of freedom, he completed his degree in journalism. He worked nearly 30 years as a journalist at various newspapers and television stations.  He received 2 awards for investigative journalism from the Progressive Journalists Association. “BAKUR” is the director’s first feature length documentary.

Roozbeh Behtaji

Född: 1981-03-17
Beskrivning: Kortfilmare. Född i Iran, uppvuxen i Angered. Studerat i USA och Barcelona. Läst filmvetenskap och filosofi vid Göteborgs universitet samt manuslinjen…Mer
Regi En gång i tiden (2017), Bastian (2012), Bea bebådelse (2008), London Transfer (2008)Mer
Manus En gång i tiden (2017), Bastian (2012), Bea bebådelse (2008), London Transfer (2008)Mer
Producent Vuxen (2014), Bea bebådelse (2008), Bollen är rund (2006)Mer
Foto En gång i tiden (2017), Nr 153 (2017)
Klippning Bea bebådelse (2008), Kompissnack (2008)
Roll En gång i tiden (2017), London Transfer (2008), Världens ände(2007)Mer
Platsletare Avalon (2012)
Övrig medarbetare Yoghurt (2010)
Affischdesign Kärlek 2000 (2005)

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