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The 16th International Exile Film Festival

10-16 November 2023 Gothenburg – Sweden

The Exile Film Festival’s film selection committee has chosen the festival’s films for the year 2023


The festival’s film selection committee has completed this year’s work. The committee members admit that they really had a tough and responsible job. The selection of films was very sensitive, as the members are aware of how filmmakers who approach the Exile Film Festival thinks about their participation.

The filmmakers feel solidarity with the festival’s spirit of freedom and want to participate in the collective manifestation. Everyone wants to be in the parade! On the other hand, the Exile Film Festival has limitations in time and space for this proud parade of films!

The film selection committee must select. But the fulfillment cannot be compared to handing out diplomas or prizes.

Among the film submissions received for the 16th edition of the Exile Film Festival and its program parts, the committee selected the films presented in the festival’s press release.