I love TV


Sunday 19th November at 15.00, Lundby Gymnasium


Parviz Sayyad is a well-known and popular artist in Iran. Almost all Iranian families have seen his special comedies “Samad” – uncomfortable, down-to-earth, from the country, in a confrontation between industrialism, modernism and traditional values. Later, there is also a confrontation with Iran’s ruling religious power and its laws. His career in Iranian film and theater follows a long line from commercial and market-based films to new groundbreaking cultural films. He is a film director, dramatist, actor and producer. Under the rule of the religious powers, he is forced to leave his beloved country and people. Despite all the limitations and difficulties in film and theater, he succeeds in continuing his professional artistic work in exile. He makes several feature films and sets up several theater plays. His first in exile made film “The Mission” was rewarded at the Locarno festival. By the western world’s art and film critics, he is called “Irans Orson Welles”. Now, at the 13th Exile Film Festival, Parviz Sayyad is visiting with his new comedy theater: I love TV. This extends over his own film and theater biography. He brings confrontation!


For information and tickets for this program please contact tel: 0736375621