Daughter of Iran

Daughter of Iran - 2023

5 min min - Fiction
Number: 8
Show: Monday 13 November, 13:00, Angereds Bio | Wednesday 15 November, 18:30, Selma Lagerlöfs Center Wednesday 15 November, 21:00, Hagabion Sal 1
Director:  Massoud Memar


In the stormy weather and among the sands aside the roaring sea, a woman tries to free herself from the coverings imposed on her. She has a cage on her head, which she will throw into the bin of history and….. It is a sensitive cinematography and a tribute to the slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom."

Collections: EFF-23

Genres: Fiction


Country:  Netherlands
Language:  Persian, English text

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Production Companies:  MemarFilm

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Runtime:  0 h 05 min