Seven Winter in Tehran

Seven Winter in Tehran - 2023

97 min min - Documentary
Number: 16
Show: Friday 10 November, 18:30, Bio Roy | Tuesday 14 November, 21:00, Hagabion Sal 1
Director:  Steffi Niederzoll


Tehran, July 2007: Reyhaneh Jabbari, 19, has a business meeting with a new client. When he tries to rape her, she stabs him in self-defense. Later that day, she is arrested for murder. Her trial resulted in a death penalty sentence. Thanks to personal and secretly recorded videos provided by Reyhaneh's family, their testimonies, and the letters written by Reyhaneh in prison, the film retraces the fate of a woman who becomes a symbol of resistance and women's rights even beyond the borders of Iran.

Collections: EFF-23

Genres: Documentary


Country:  FranceGermany
Language:  Persian, English text

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Runtime:  1 h 37 min