The Nightmare in Alps

The Nightmare in Alps - 2023

32 min min - Documentary
Number: 34
Show: Sunday 12 November, 14:00, Viktoriasalen
Director:  Jamshid Golmakani


Every day, hundreds of desperate and oppressed people from different countries secretly travel across the high mountains of the Alps. Some fall down in the way of the dream of freedom and a safe life. The filmmaker hears how four men and one woman have already died on the road and how the freezing weather has taken the legs of several asylum seekers, and they had to amputate them. After reaching Turkey, they had illegally reached the Greek islands in a small boat. From the hellish camps, they have now walked about six thousand kilometers. Everyone is very optimistic about getting asylum. They have high hopes and dreams of their beautiful future life in Europe. But the nightmare is not over. It is a simultaneous filming of the inner call of identity on a journey as an exile filmmaker and intellectual person faced with the asylum seekers' future exile.

Collections: EFF-23

Genres: Documentary


Country:  France
Language:  Persian, English text

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Runtime:  0 h 32 min