The Scent Of Dialogue

The Scent Of Dialogue - 2021

30 min min - Fiction
Number: 30
Show: Saturday 11 November, 19:00, Hagabion Sal 1 | Wednesday 15 November, 18:30, Hagabion Sal 2
Director:  Fariba Haidari


An Afghan woman, ZAHRA, 26, has lived with her husband in Sweden for four years. She separated to follow her dreams and find a new life in a new society. Living alone feels great initially, but she is exposed to some problems she is unprepared for. She studies and, at the same time, works as a home help. Now, six months after the separation, she finally dares to tell her mother about the separation. The mother, who recently had heart surgery, gets angry and stops contacting her. Zahra fights to find a way to keep her freedom and her mother's contact. The film shows similarities and differences between two women from different cultures and generations.

Collections: EFF-23

Genres: Fiction


Country:  Sweden
Language:  Persian, Swedish, English text

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Runtime:  0 h 30 min