Sahraa Karimi

Sahraa Karimi is a young female Afghan filmmaker who grew up in Iran. In her early twenties, she migrated to Slovakia, and spent the next 12 years studying for Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in film and directing. When she returned to Afghanistan, Karimi co-founded the Kapila Multimedia House to promote independent cinema and has recently re-opened the Kaluch Kapila Cinema. Karimi continues to live between Kabul, Bratislava, and Tehran. Her films, mostly about civil rights issues faced by women in Afghanistan, have won international awards and are frequently screened in international film festivals.

Education: 1988-1999 Maktab Zeinab – Kabul /Afganistan/, grammar school, major mathematics, physics, Teheran /Iran/. 1999-2001 Shahid Chamran University/Iran/, Polytechnic faculty – major engineering. 2004-2009 The Academy of Music and Performing Arts (VŠMU), major: documentary. Courses: 1997-2000 course of camera – Institute of Arts – Baqhe Ferdous – Teheran /Iran/. 1999-2000 creative writing course – Institute of Arts – Baqhe Ferdous – Teheran /Iran/. Work experience: 1998-2001 Arqavan atelier – cameraman, Teheran /Iran/. 1999-2001 lecturing in mathematics and physics, Teheran /Iran/. 1999 „Daughter of the Sun “ / Mariam Shahriar/ – main role. 1999 „Shooting in the dark“ /short film, directed by: Najib Ahmadi/ – Assistant Director. 2000 „White Dream“ /film, directed by: Hamid Jebeli/ – main role. 2000 „The History of Sorrow“ /documentary on Afghanistan – 10 episodes/ – TV Iran 1 – First
Assistant Scriptwriter. 2002 „Who is Sahraa?“ /documentary, directed by: Martin Hossein Fazeli/ – main role. 2003 „At School with Foreigners“ /short documentary – director/. 2003 „Gabo“ /short documentary/ – director. 2004 „ Searching for a Dream“ / documentary/ – director. 2005 „ Light and Dark “ / short film / – director. 2005 „Behold Alone Women at the Beginning of a Cold Season” /short documentary/ – director. 2006 „A Simple Question“ – film survey, documentary – director.