New Edition
The World is My Home
The 14th International Exile Film Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden 8-14 November 2019

Thank you for a great Exile Film Festival!

The 13th edition of Exile Film Festival has come and gone: 7 days of unique films, great
conversation, lecture, theater, music and the unforgettable fun.
We had an incredible time and we hope that you came away fulfilled and inspired by the
films shown by this year’s talented filmmakers.
Hereby Exile film festival wants to specially thank:

– Our dear loyal and serious audience who welcomed the 13th edition of the Exile Film
– Our producers and film institutions who, with valuable productions, enriched the 13th
edition of the Exile Film Festival.
– All the individuals and organizations that set up and supported the arrangements of
the 13th Exile Film Festival and helped us realize it.


At last we would welcome everyone to join us in our journey for planning of our next Exile Film Festival!

The Opening of the 13th International Exile Film Festival
Friday 17 November 2017, Cinema Roy, Gothenburg-Sweden