Raúl Ruiz

Raoul Ruiz; 25 July 1941 – 19 August 2011) was an experimental Chilean filmmaker, writer and teacher whose work is best known in France. He directed more than 100 films between 1963 – 2011.

Born  and raised in Chile (1941 in Puerto Montt), and living in Paris since he exiled himself after the 1973 assassination of Salvador Allende, Ruiz produced a body of work so inventive, demanding and rewarding that he deserves to nestle in the company of those giants. True out the years His movies was nominated 26 times in different prestigious movie festivals over the world, and he also won 24 times. Amongst his winnings: Berlin International Film Festival 1997 (silver bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution
Généalogies d’un crime),  Cannes Film Festival 1983 (Les trois couronnes du matelot) and Moscow International Film Festival 2006 (International Competition: Klimt) and many more over the years.